Arosha Jaiprem

Healer and Lineage Holder / Co-Founder

Jaiprem ( Jai=Victory , Prem=Love) is a born Healer who has gained the ultimate happiness through Self Love after a long journey in life. She is Mother of two children and a former fashion entrepreneur in Munich.


After a Kundalini awakening she came to the realisation what life is all about. Having a further healing journey during the past three years she has now come to a blissful self union.With the fragrance of Self Love she is living the life she has come to live on this Mother Earth. Understanding the Life Purpose and after a Total Transformation now she is in her Mission to help those who seek balance and transformation.


She is founder of Heaven on Earth Product Solutions and Stategy Advisor to the MFH Academy. Together with like-minded souls she is living  the life to the fullest. She choses to offer services of love which our world is in need right now.


Her desire it to make the ones around her happy and to give the love and light. She teaches and shares her lineage knowledge she has discovered through this Transformation. To the one who seeks her help she is all there with an open heart.

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