Are you interested in innovative learning formats for culture change? Then you’ve come to the right place! With over 15 years of experience in organisational development, agile management and innovative sports and awareness methods, we set impulses that work. Digitally or in-house.

Business and body awareness belong together.

You and your teams can be big in business. You can be a successful businesswoman. A business founder. Or raise your children. And at the same time, there is so much more to all of you than a detached machine that keeps you upright in front of the webcam from appointment to appointment.

NEL-Be the spirit in business

Our formats make joint adventures possible for your teams, offering them a break from everyday life and strengthening team bonds. Also in the home office.

Depending on your goals, the teams deal with the top skills needed to bring New Work to life or to collaborate efficiently with new technologies. And they also do some sport in the meantime.

What you can expect from our formats

  1. Crossover of sport, awareness training and reflection.
  2. Teaching the New Work Mindset with the help of old techniques (e.g. yoga, meditation) and innovative learning formats (e.g. co-creation, sparring).
  3. The personal experiences gained in this way are directly transferable to everyday business life.

Our offer includes innovative trainings, workshops, talks and consulting around the cultural change that goes hand in hand with New Work and new technologies. We would be happy to find out together in a non-binding preliminary discussion how we can effectively realise your goals.

An example from our practice: The New Earth Leadership (NEL) series:

The New Earth Leadership workshop series shown in the video includes the following four standard modules:

  1. Leading yourself
  2. Dealing with your own ego
  3. Using the inner voice as a compass
  4. Living in connection

We will be happy to adapt this and other formats to your specific needs.

An entrepreneur and former participant sums up most beautifully how our formats work. Here she talks about the New Earth Leadership Series:

“What a wonderful, novel and powerful format for holistic and deep learning! The impulses and approaches to the topic of New Work move from the head directly into the heart and are intuitively understood.


Since sustainable change can only come about if it is lived directly, I am heavily inspired by the concept of the New Earth Leadership Workshops!”