Apply as a Mentor

Freedom. Courage. Inner leadership. Selflove. Transformation to higher consciousness. Join it, let’s to it together.

The MFH Academy is a platform for like-minded leaders and seekers to help present themselves and grow together. Transformation needs strength and can be fun. We surround ourselves with people who lift each other up and develop our consciousness further. That is why we have founded the Mindfulheart Academy. Inner work has so many faces. Show yours.

How To Become A Mentor

1/ Get in touch with us via the contact form or call us.
2/ We will call and get to know each other. We simply find out how we fit together.
3/ If the chemistry is right and our skills complement each other well, you will receive a small online questionnaire from us by e-mail.
4/ You agree with the terms and conditions and the code of conduct of the MFH Academy and sign it.
5/ Yey - You can register on the MFH Academy website as a mentor and offer your courses immediately.

We share our knowledge with you. Let us walk a part of the way together. We are delighted!
1/ Everything we teach serves the inner freedom and self-love of the mentees.
2/ Each mentor is also a mentee. We are all experienced in some aspects, in other beginners.
3/ Your happiness is my happiness.
4/ We listen to the inner voice and share our path with others.
5/ We know that we are unique individuals and at the same time part of the greater. We act in this consciousness.
6/ We celebrate when a person takes the space and shows himself in his naked authenticity.
7/ We celebrate the evolution of the consciousness of all people, no matter what it looks like.
8/ We counsel out of love and are aware that the life path of the mentee is not the same as the life path of the mentor.
9/ We nudge and provoke the ego with compassion.
10/ It is as it is. We hold the space. We allow everything to be.
Don't worry - as soon as you are on board, we will have an online session together and you will understand how easy it is to publish your course offer:

1/ You log in to your Mentor account on the MFH Academy website.
2/ You plan a new course in your personal profile.
3/ You upload a picture of your service.
4/ You describe your service in more detail.
5/ You add prices, location (online or offline), duration of your courses. Everything you have entered can be changed afterward.
6/ You send us the address of your PayPal account.
7/ You will receive a monthly statement and transfer of your earnings from us.

That's it already! You have created your first course series as a mentor at the MFH Academy. Awesome!