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Bring your Personal Power back into gears so that you can give a SMART Yes towards your SMARTS GOAL


You will analyse your traumatic fears and stagnant blockages holding back your personal power and strength towards your Vision what you are creating right now, your Smart Goal.


You will analyse on your Past, Present & Future energies.

We live in a world stucked in constant reapeating Cycles, yet we are in a Rat Race making our Goals in this Material World. If you are not holding a stable Inner Self, what you create in the outter world is a reflection of your Inner Self.

What Do you create right Now?

Are You tired of going on Circles getting back into same cycles over and over again?

How close are you to your Heart?

Getting closer to live in the Now Moment with the following Tools on this one month Workshop Serie:

Body stretches, Breathing Technicques, Postures & Meditations bring you the movement of the Body to stimulate the low negative stagnant energy of your Past Traumas and Future Security into higher vibrational energy frequencies. Activates the Nerves System to keep your Body & Mind in balance.

You will experience a journey towards your past, future and NOW moment through a Healing Ritual Journey.

  1. You will let go past traumatic issues which no longer serve you.
  2. Live in the NOW and to be safe to be Grounded and feel the Beauty of the Mother Earth. Feel the Love . Joy and Harmony within.
  3. Take the Flight towards your Smart Goal. The Dreams are Real and that is what you Create.You are the Co-Creator of your life.

Gather your Strength!!!!!! Take the Flight to the next Level.

The Mindfulheart Academy helps you to strengthen up and vice versa. We help each other to reach our Goals.

Together we Rise.

Das März-Modul besteht aus

  • 1x Personal Power Ritual

  • 4x Body Blessing Meditation

  • 4x Yin & Kundalini Yoga

  • 1x NEL #1: Der Körper als Entscheidungshilfe

  • 4x Montagmorgen Yoga Espresso

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