Your real life journey begins with understanding how you guide your inner self. That is what we are here for.

Gather your strength

Envision your way

Do it!

We help leaders and teams become free through inner leadership and self-love.


The MFH Academy is an international skills and values family initiated in Munich. We design and deliver trainings for companies that get under the skin and continue sounding in the heart long after the trainings are over. Each training has a lasting impact on the culture of the company. We are long-time successful entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, psychologists and organizational developers. We know what works. What unites us is that we live our lives from the inside out. We are all on the path to higher consciousness, also as we work.


By striving for inner balance, integrating masculine and feminine aspects, heart and intellect, we bring to life a world where we are free, connected and happy. One person at a time. From within, culture change happens in companies as if by itself.


MFH Academy was founded in 2020 by Arosha Jaiprem, Katarzyna Wächter and Stephanie Fischer. Three businesswomen who fell in love with life through the discovery of self-love and inner leadership. Since 2021, Stephanie has taken over the management of MFH Academy. She cares as much about paychecks and running a successful business as she does about inner development and nurturing the soul.


Did you know that inner work is also work? And not only responsibility of each employee, but a duty of company leaders? There are systemtic methods to anchor the urgently needed culture change within the companies. This is how company-wide impact is created.


MFH Academy helps teams and leaders find ways to rediscover themselves. Our approach is not to change you. We are in service. You can have a glass of wine in a suit while discovering your inner self. You can be sexy and elegant if you want. Or set out on the path to higher consciousness in your sweatpants at the home office.

We don’t care what your company currently looks like or what your role is right now. We care that we all access inner truth, say yes to it, and build truthful connections with ourselves, our favorite people, the companies we work in, and the whole world. Together, we rise up.


The MFH Academy mentors transform valuable ancient knowledge from various disciplines and cutting-edge know-how into formats that fit our times. We offer training formats that are innovative yet connected to the soul: Digital training, live online sessions, and local events.

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What unites us is the realization: Monetary wealth is beautiful and at the same time nothing can make you happy and satisfied if you don’t know how to care for yourself. Did you already feel the unlimited love and richness inside yourself? How can you access your inner richness? Let’s walk side by side for a bit and discover it. The real life journey starts with understanding how to lead your inner self. This is what we are here for.

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Arosha Jaiprem

Strategy & Personal Growth
Stephanie Fischer

Stephanie Fischer

Change Management & Leadership


  1. Everything we teach serves the inner freedom and self-love of the mentees.
  2. Each mentor is also a mentee. We are all experienced in some aspects, in other beginners.
  3. Your happiness is my happiness.
  4. We listen to the inner voice and share our path with others.
  5. We know that we are unique individuals and at the same time part of the greater. We act in this consciousness.
  6. We celebrate when a person takes the space and shows himself in his naked authenticity.
  7. We celebrate the evolution of the consciousness of all people, no matter what it looks like.
  8. We counsel out of love and are aware that the life path of the mentee is not the same as the life path of the mentor.
  9. We nudge and provoke the ego with compassion.
  10. It is as it is. We hold the space. We allow everything to be.