Your real life journey begins with understanding how you guide your inner self. That is what we are here for.

Gather your strength

Envision your way

Do it!

“We help you become free through inner leadership and self-love.”

Arosha Jaiprem, Co-Founder


The MFH Academy is an international digital and analog place where humans connect and walk the path to consciousness together. We are mentors and mentees at the same time.

Through reaching inner balance, the integration of male and female aspects, of heart and intellect, we bring to life a world in which we are free, connected and happy. One human after another.

The founders Arosha and Stephanie are business women who fell in love with life through discovering self love and inner leadership. They care about pay checks and running successful businesses as much as about inner development and nourishing the soul.


Did you know that inner work is work, too? We assist you in finding ways to regain yourself. Our approach is not to change you. We are at service.

You can drink a glass of wine while discovering your inner self. You can be sexy and elegant if you want to. Or totally go on the road to higher consciousness in your jogging trousers.

We don’t care how you look. We care about us all discovering inner truth, saying yes to it and building truthful connections with yourself, your favourite persons and the whole world. Together we rise.

We transform valuable old knowledge from various disciplines into formats that fit our time.

The MFH Academy offers training formats which are innovative, yet connected to your soul: Digital trainings, online live sessions and local events.

You will also soon find selected Mindful Products consciously designed from our friends and us.

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What unites us is the realization: Monetary wealth is beautiful and at the same time nothing can make you happy and satisfied if you don’t know how to care for yourself. Did you already feel the unlimited love and richness inside yourself? How can you access your inner richness? Let’s walk side by side for a bit and discover it. The real life journey starts with understanding how to lead your inner self. This is what we are here for.

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Arosha Jaiprem

Healer and Lineage Holder / Co-Founder
Stephanie Fischer

Stephanie Fischer



  1. Everything we teach serves the inner freedom and self-love of the mentees.
  2. Each mentor is also a mentee. We are all experienced in some aspects, in other beginners.
  3. Your happiness is my happiness.
  4. We listen to the inner voice and share our path with others.
  5. We know that we are unique individuals and at the same time part of the greater. We act in this consciousness.
  6. We celebrate when a person takes the space and shows himself in his naked authenticity.
  7. We celebrate the evolution of the consciousness of all people, no matter what it looks like.
  8. We counsel out of love and are aware that the life path of the mentee is not the same as the life path of the mentor.
  9. We nudge and provoke the ego with compassion.
  10. It is as it is. We hold the space. We allow everything to be.