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What mentees are saying

Your happiness is our happiness. Some voices from the community.



Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant (PTA)

„It was wonderful this morning! Thanks again for the Monday Morning Yoga Espresso. I feel totally different when I start my day like that. Sometimes you need someone else’s permission to not be so pushy with yourself. Don’t ALWAYS hold on. But consciously chose to. Thank you, I needed that. I take responsibility for my own body.”

Mona Rudek

Mona Rudek


“What a wonderful, novel, and powerful format for holistic and profound learning! The great impulses and approaches to New Work move from the head directly to the heart and are intuitively understood by integrating our miracle tool body as well as specific awareness exercises very well coordinated with the process of the sessions. Since lasting changes can only come about when they are lived directly, I am very enthusiastic about the concept of the New Earth Leadership Workshops! I recommend them to all pioneers and everyday heroes who dare to take this new path and take responsibility for all aspects of their own self. So that we can all make a meaningful contribution to shaping the world of tomorrow. Many thanks to the Mindfulheart Academy for your powerful vision, your passion, and your inspiring work!”

Melanie Merkl-Testimonial

Melanie Merkl

Bank clerk

Thank you very much for the inspiring statements and this positive energy that you let rise within me! It is a perfect combination of strengthening exercises and self healing meditation. I am already looking forward to the next session!

Ruth von Heusinger

Ruth von Heusinger

Founder ForTomorrow gGmbH

“The Monday Morning Yoga Espressos are ideal to start the week strong. Afterward, it is much easier to focus on the really important goals of the week and ignore the unimportant ones.” Thank you very much.”


Francesco Marchi

“Practicing Kundalini Yoga with the MFH Academy is very nice for me. I had never done yoga before. I feel welcome. I’m going to continue.”

Jost Elliesen Testimonial MFH Academy

Jost Elliesen

Organizational developer with fondness of Theory U

“I highly recommend this time out. Very pleasant to get in touch with oneself. Helps more than many posts and podcasts and vlogs on New Work. Thank you for the New Earth Leadership Workshops.”


Melike Bilbey

Human Centered AI (AIxD) Researcher at Digital Product School of UnternehmerTUM

“ I recommend the New Earth Leadership program to completely switch off from everyday life and find the way to yourself. I go out strengthened after each session and can integrate what I have learned wonderfully into my life. Many thanks for this great experience! ”

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